Personality Profiling

When building their Teams, Hiring Managers can often fall into the trap of trying to recruit someone just like themselves. When trying to build a world class business we need to bring together a diverse range of people and ideas to create a cohesive Team.

Here at The Highfield Company we have invested in i3 profiling, a trait based personality tool designed to raise self-awareness. A “Trait” based not “Type” based assessment, it is not a psychometric test, but a Personality Assessment, where every output shows you the potential of an individual rather than how they fit in a box or need to conform.

i3 maps our Personality Traits to show us the make up of our personality and assesses which Traits come more naturally to us and which are less dominant. As i3 raises both self and social awareness, it focuses on individuality rather than conformity, self awareness leads to the self the self confidence, to be the best version of yourself, it leads to building better relationships at work and in life.

We are able to incorporate i3 into a range of services that we can offer to clients and candidates alike including;

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching sessions
  • Aligning a leadership team
  • Candidate profiling on Retained Search Assignments
  • Candidate profiling to identify career development paths

Please get in touch today to discuss how we can assist you in any of these areas.