International Candidate Onboarding

Your market is growing but the candidate pool is not.

What if we told you that we have a candidate for your critical hire who has the experience you require and a genuine reason to join your business where they will bring along new ideas and experience BUT they are NOT on the open market.

There is a skills shortage in the industry, and as a result you can’t pursue all your opportunities. Work quality and profitability drops because you are forced to hire average candidates.

One effective option is taking advantage of the huge pool of ex-pat candidates overseas who have previously worked in the UK and are actively looking to return.

So much of recruitment is finding solutions and manoeuvring through a candidate short market is a prime example of this.

Forward-thinking businesses are already having fantastic success with recruitment projects sourcing international candidates for hard to fill roles, from large recruitment drives for a specific type of position to smaller more niche technical requirements.

The projected workload in construction, infrastructure and rail over the next few years is vast, which will lead to there being a shortage of available candidates at reasonable salary levels within the local market, which is already under quite some stress as it is.

There is a science to this – there are many factors to consider and variables to get right but the results are excellent and provable.

Does it work?

With over 50 years combined experience at The Highfield Company we will demonstrate how International Candidate Onboarding (ICO) is an effective strategy to counter candidate short markets, and show that it is a lot simpler, faster and a better long-term solution than others.

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